Natalie Marks, DVM, CVJ

Small Animal Veterinarian.
Industry Consultant and Educator.
Pet Parent Advocate.
Media Expert.
Animal Health Entrepreneur.

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Available for virtual AND in person educational events and media appearances.

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About Dr. Marks

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Dr. Marks has empowered the veterinary industry with over twenty years of unparalleled and diverse experience. Her career spans a variety of positions, including being an associate veterinarian, medical director, co-owner of the largest small animal practice in Chicago, mentor, educational consultant, media personality, entrepreneur, and angel investor. Her continued goals include empowering veterinary professionals and pet parents alike to be as educated and involved as possible in the care of our patients and family members. Dr. Marks is passionate about tackling the ongoing need for improved physical and emotional health among industry colleagues.

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Prime Time Exposure

Dr. Marks has been a featured speaker and guest on some of our nations most recognizable media outlets. Her knowledge and understanding of the veterinary industry has made her a sought after expert for pet advocacy, education, and consultancy.

A Voice for Compassionate Care and Pet Parent Education

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Every pet parent wants the best for their family member, and Dr. Marks loves being the advocate to support a family's journey. She would argue that there is no stronger bond than the human-animal bond, and she educates pet parents on ways to strengthen that through education and collaboration.

Dr. Marks believes wellness and preventive care, along with early disease screenings, are some of the most effective ways to give our family members, no matter what the species, the best quantity AND quality of life.

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Television & Video Appearances

Live television and SMT (satellite media tour) work takes self-confidence, poise, the ability to flex quickly, redirect and pivot, all while  communicating with warmth and rapport in just a few seconds.

Dr. Marks thrives in this environment and is a frequent face on Chicago local media.  She was featured as an expert on the Today Show and CBS Nightly News during the canine influenza outbreak of 2015. She has also been the lead expert of several national SMT's for major industry partners.

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Conference Lectures & Public Speaking

One of Dr. Marks' strongest assets is her ability to connect, engage and effectively communicate and educate through in-person lectures and public events. She is incredibly comfortable in all settings from intimate dinners to large lecture halls of 500+ attendees.

Dr. Marks welcomes the opportunity to connect with colleagues, industry partners, pet parents and animal advocates around the country and has created a large, supportive network.

Articles & Expert Interviews

From the New York Times to the Chicago Tribune to Health magazine, Dr. Marks is frequently interviewed for quotes and content included in many articles about the physical and emotional health of our pets.

She also is an outspoken advocate of mental health acknowledgement, awareness and support within the veterinary industry. She was featured here in a full page Chicago Tribune article on the worsening crisis of suicide within the veterinary profession and critical steps and outreach for veterinary colleagues struggling with their own mental health needs.

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Podcasts & Radio Shows

Dr. Marks believes all forms of media can communicate effective messaging.  Some of her favorite ways to educate and reach pet parents or veterinary colleagues is through podcasts and national radio interviews.  She has been featured for several years as a recurring guest on Steve Dale's Pet Central on WGN radio in Chicago and has been a guest on NPR, PetLife Radio and many other industry platforms.

One of the unique talents that makes Dr. Marks a desired consultant and educator is her ability to easily translate veterinary medicine into messaging every pet parent can understand, and then quickly switch gears to teach top veterinarians and veterinary technicians the latest in scientific research,  safety studies, and pharmacologic innovations.