Where to Find Dr. Marks

Radio Interviews & Podcasts

Radio appearances:

You can find Dr. Marks as a recurring guest on WGN radio on both Pet Central, The John Williams Show and The Matt Bubala Show in Chicago, WBEZ, and PetLife Radio, as well as on many different industry podcasts aimed at both veterinary professionals and pet parents like VetGirl on the Run, Mella, and VetCandy. Check out sample show interviews below!


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Dr. Marks visits The John Williams show on WGN to discuss inappetence and appetite stimulants for dogs
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Dr. Marks talks with Steve Dale about being named America’s Favorite Veterinarian
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Dr. Marks talks with Matt Bubala on the Matt Bubala show about summer safety, the rat population causing leptospirosis risks, and the mission of Fear Free
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Dr. Marks talks with Steve Dale on Pet Central about Fear Free veterinary visits
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Dr. Marks talks with Dr. Courtney Campbell
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Dr. Marks discusses the significant rat population in Chicago putting dogs at risk for leptospirosis


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Dr. Marks discusses the risks of leptospirosis
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Dr. Marks discussed all about canine influenza with Dr. Justine Lee
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Talking secrets of happy customers with Dr. Natalie Marks
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WCVD9 Special – Dr Natalie Marks – The New Generation of Pet Owners
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Dr. Natalie Marks, Wine Guy Joseph Giannini, Natalie Gaza, Brad Tassell
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24: Interview with veterinarian and business owner, Dr. Natalie Marks
er vet podcast
Episode 143 – Pet Safety Tips with Dr. Natalie Marks
we like dogs
Leptospirosis dangers with Dr. Natalie Marks
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Purr-fecting Your Approach to Feline Wellness Exams
cos 151 podcast
Can bundling diagnostics make your practice faster, simpler and more profitable?
wbbm newsradio 780am
National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day:’ local vet shares how to coax your scaredy into going