Where to Find Dr. Marks

Conference Speaking

Recognized as an Industry Expert

Dr. Marks has been a national and international educator for almost a decade now and is widely requested by many industry partners to help with implementation and use of new pharmaceutical advancements, processes, technologies and movements.  While she very much prefers in person events, just like most of us, she adapted presentation delivery and formats to the virtual world during the pandemic, mastering engagement on many virtual platforms.

Dr. Marks prides herself on staying true to her archetype of the knowledgable scientist cloaked in practicality and realism.  Her niche within her veterinary industry clients is being able to marry the goals of a company with the reality of the front lines of general or emergency practices.  She can identify and assess pain points, then tailor marketing campaigns to effectively target audiences and translate these goals into realistic bullet points during conferences and other learning opportunities and events.

What Dr. Marks Brings to the Platform:

It can be very challenging to educate in today’s world with the myriad of different ages, lived experiences and types of learners that exist, especially when given a limited time or format.  Dr. Marks believes in sharing personal career experiences, failures, successes and ongoing challenges within the learning experience to create relatability and peer acceptance.  This provides a safe space for questions, discussion and more effective retention of information.

Dr. Marks firmly believes in freely providing PDF’s of all of her created presentations along with all references upon request to any participant and frequently receives emails for further discussion after events.  She is readily accessible by email or social media handles.

Kisaco Animal Health, Nutrition and Technology Summit

Boston, MA — June 2022.

kisaco animal health nutrition and technology summit 06 2022

Areas of Expertise:

  • Dermatology
  • Infectious Disease (specifically CIV and leptospirosis)
  • Feline focused internal medicine
  • Fear Free
  • Digital Cytology
  • Practice Management
  • Diabetes mellitus (both canine and feline)
  • Client communication (soft skills training)
  • Feline nutrition/enrichment

Where Dr. Marks has Presented:

  • AVMA
  • AAHA
  • WVC
  • AAFP
  • VMX
  • Ontario Veterinary Conference
  • World Congress Veterinary Dermatology
  • Royal Canin Global Symposium
  • Southern Veterinary Conference
  • VetGirl
  • Emerald Coast Veterinary Conference
  • Ceva Sweden Dermatology Day
  • Hill’s South Africa Global Symposium
  • Fetch

Dr. Marks Board Advisory Roles: